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Custom Hair Color

Enhance Your Hairstyle With A Touch Of Color


Discover the goddess in you with custom hair color by your favorite Tease stylist. From drastic hue changes to fun and flirty additions of color, we help you amp up your style. Our talented artists at Houston’s favorite color and style bar are here to bring your hair color vision to life. Bringing a creative edge to everything we do, our hair stylists know you deserve more than what the average beauty salon can give you. You deserve a good Tease. Contact our team at Tease Color and Style Bar today to book an appointment!

The Tease Difference

From the moment you step inside our doors at Tease Color and Style Bar in Houston, you’ll immediately see the difference. Starting with a personalized style consultation, we’ll work with you to ensure your new look exceeds your expectations. Your color professional knows how to bring out the best in you, while keeping you on the edge of fashion and style.

Using only the hair color brands that have established a proven track record of excellence, the Tease team backs up their promise of incredible style with guarantees of long-lasting health and beauty for your hair. Did you know that if done correctly, coloring your hair actually helps to keep it healthy, not damage it? Our hair stylists use a process that protects the strength and fullness of your hair, while still producing a vibrant color that you’ll love. Book your hair coloring consultation or appointment today!

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Hair Color Styles

From balayage and ombré styles to all-over color and gray coverups, we are leaders in innovative hair color trends as well as the tried and true classic styles. No matter what color or style that you are searching for, you can trust our experts at Tease Color and Style Bar — the best luxury salon in Houston. Contact us today to schedule a color consultation!

Adding highlights of lighter colors into darker-colored hair adds variety and depth as the colors contrast. Over the years, hair stylists have found that using different shades of lighter colors to create what they call textured highlights offer a more natural looking blend of color.

If you prefer to have lighter-colored hair, but still want a highlight type of style, low-lights are for you! Basically the opposite of highlights, low-lights implement darker colored streaks to add more shades and depth to your hair. Add in highlights too for even more dimension.

If you are looking for a more dramatic color style, consider getting an ombré. This style is created by leaving the roots of your hair the natural color, and gradually lightening the hair color as you make your way to the ends. Use vibrant colors instead for even more drama!

The overall idea of the balayage style is much like the ombré style. However, balayage offers a more subtle look by using a unique painting technique. Hair stylists will use a brush to hand paint the new color or mix of colors into your hair, making it look extremely natural.

If you are wanting to drastically change your hair color from its natural state, the all-over color option is most likely the best one for you. This single-process color style is used to completely change your hair color to a different solid color — from the roots all the way to the ends.

Depending on your specific situation and end-result goals, our hair stylists at Tease Color and Style Bar will use a few different color styles to cover up pesky gray hairs. These styles will range from blending with highlights to root touch-ups or all-over color to cover them up.

As mentioned above, root touch-ups are miracle workers for those that are wanting to maintain their natural hair color and just have some grays showing through at the roots. Root touch-ups also help to keep all-over color styles affordable by just touching up the roots as the hair grows.

Depending on your natural hair color and the custom hair color that you are wanting, bleaching may be required. Especially with the trending faded pastel and silver color styles, you must first bleach the hair to be able to achieve the desired tones of these light, delicate colors.

Get More Tease When Your Add Some Color

Our hair stylists at Tease Color and Style Bar in Houston are dedicated to you and the health of your hair. We’re a different kind of salon as we encourage you to take a new angle to personal style with the use of hair coloring. However, we ensure that we will advise you to make the best decisions in regards to your hair. With that said, we want to share just a few of the many benefits that hair color can provide when completed with care and accuracy.

Adding color to your hair can add volume to the hair shaft, which will give your hair more volume.

For those that have frizzy hair, color can add the extra weight needed to give it a smoother look.

Adding more variety of tones and colors to your hair will reflect more light — providing a nice shiny finish.

As the added color coats each strand of hair, it adds a protective layer against harmful elements.

The same layer of coating that adds protection, also makes your hair stronger against breakage.

Tease Color and Style Bar

Take your hair up a super sexy notch with color by Tease. Schedule your hair color consultation with one of our hair stylists at Tease Color and Style Bar today to get started!

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